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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), left-hand turn accidents occur more frequently compared to other types of accidents, making up 22 percent of all car crashes between 2005 and 2007. A large portion of these accidents (96.1 percent) happen because of driver error, much like making an improper turn.

Improper turns cause millions in damages every year, and if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in one, the process can often be overwhelmingly difficult to endure.

But there’s hope. The experienced improper turn car accident attorneys of Caffee Law have made it their mission to represent those that have fallen victim to improper turn car accidents caused by a negligent driver.

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What is an Improper Turn?

An improper turn could be easily identified as a turn without proper signaling or an abrupt lane change, but it actually goes much further than that. It is essentially a turn that violates the basic rules of traffic and puts other drivers at risk of a head-on, side, or a “t-bone” collision, formally known as a broadside collision.

An improper turn includes instances where a driver:

  • Ignores a “No Turn on Red” sign and commits to the turn.
  • Makes a right turn on a red light or stop sign without making a full stop (known as a rolling stop). This puts pedestrians and other drivers at risk.
  • Turns left on an unprotected red light.
  • Turns without signaling.
  • Makes an unapproved U-turn.
  • Turns without having the right of way.
  • Makes a turn from the wrong lane.

The scenarios listed above are all common causes of devastating improper turn car accidents that can cause lasting injury and death. If any of them resonate with your experience from your recent car accident, you may be eligible to file a car accident claim to fulfill your right to compensation.

Sustaining injuries from an improper turn car accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills and vehicle repairs. Contact the improper turn car accident attorneys of Caffee Law at (206) 312-0954 today to fight for the compensation you need.

Proving Driver Negligence

Proving that the other driver was negligent is a challenge best reserved for our experienced attorneys. Often, these types of accidents are rather complicated in terms of the law, and navigating through it all can be difficult for those that have chosen to represent themselves or hire an inexperienced lawyer.

Aside from complexities within the law, improper turn car accidents in general can be quite complicated. One of the most common scenarios occurs when a vehicle belonging to the victim T-bones the other that entered your line of traffic abruptly. While this may seem like an open-and-shut case in favor of the other driver, legal resources like accident recreation can help you prove that the other driver’s improper turn was the cause of the accident.

That’s why inexperience doesn’t pay out a maximum amount of monetary compensation that is due to the victim. Legal resources like expert testimony from accident recreation specialists is something that only an experienced car accident attorney has in their arsenal.

While we are working together to investigate your accident and gathering evidence to prove liability, it isn’t unusual to receive correspondence from a defense lawyer or insurance adjuster. It may seem like a good idea to be as helpful as possible, but you should refrain from speaking to these individuals without your attorney present.

Instead, refer them to set up an appointment with us, and refrain from speaking about you and/or your claim. This could be used against you in civil court and dramatically affect the amount of compensation you could win.

Injuries Sustained in an Improper Turn Car Accident

An improper turn car accident may warrant an immediate visit to the hospital as many different injuries—both internal and external—may be symptomless or won’t manifest until a few days later. It isn’t uncommon for victims of this type of accident to suffer from:

  • Cuts and Lacerations – Cuts and lacerations can cause minor to major bleeding, and if not properly treated, these injuries can cause an infection or blood poisoning, both life-threatening conditions.
  • Burn Injuries – Burn injuries can range from minor to fatal. In some instances, skin grafts may be required, which is a costly process.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries – When muscles, ligaments, or tendons stretch too far or tear, the pain is often debilitating.
  • Broken Bones – Broken bones may require surgery in order to properly heal. These painful maladies can often cost a lot to treat, making compensation from a car accident claim all the more necessary.
  • Neck and Back Injuries – These injuries often include whiplash, strains, sprains, herniated discs, and other types of spinal cord injuries.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries – Spinal cord injuries differ from neck and back injuries. They affect the movement or sensation of the victim’s limbs, especially their legs.
  • Head and Brain Injuries – Head and brain trauma sustained in an improper turn car accident can cause internal bleeding, skull fractures, concussions, and a multitude of other traumatic brain injuries.

All of these injuries listed can cost tens of thousands of dollars to treat, with piles of medical bills overflowing from your mailbox through no fault of your own. Our dedicated improper turn car accident attorneys can help you solve this concern through the acquisition of incident reports and hospital bills to determine the overall value of your car accident claim.

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Compensation Awarded To Victims of an Improper Car Accident

With the right legal team by your side, there are several areas of compensation that you have a chance at winning depending on the specific details filed in your improper turn car accident. These types of compensation include:

  • Medical Expenses – The compensation you win from your car accident claim can be used to pay off medical expenses incurred because of an improper turn car accident, including:
    • Hospital Bills
    • Physical Therapy
    • Cognitive Therapy
    • Medical Supplies
    • Ambulance Fees
    • Permanent Disability Costs
    • In-Home Care Services
    • On-Going Care and Treatment
  • Lost Wages or Loss of Earning Capacity – Long-term injuries sustained in this type of car accident can cause you to miss out on work. To prove this, your employer must be able to send over a letter stating the salary you earn and the hours you have missed but would’ve worked if you didn’t sustain the injury.
  • Pain and Suffering – Physical or mental distress that affects your quality of life is often awarded compensation. The amount is usually calculated by the type and severity of the injury and the financial consequences it has caused.
  • Property Damage – Costs for the repairs of your vehicle can drain your bank account and leave you without a ride to work. Compensation for property damage remedies this as well as any property that was within or on top of the car at the time of the accident.
  • Out-of-Pocket Expenses – Expenses such as rental car fees, taxis, over-the-counter medical supplies, or other related expenses that are paid out of pocket can be included in your settlement offer as well.

With expenses accumulating, you may find yourself becoming more and more stressed as time goes by, which can stifle your recovery process. But with a compassionate improper turn car accident attorney from Caffee Law, you won’t have to worry about these costs once we have won your due compensation.

How You Can Stay Safe

Avoiding improper turn car accidents begins with one’s self. To stay safe:

  1. Take your time and turn in one smooth motion.
  2. Ensure that your turn signal is activated at least 100 feet before you make your turn.
  3. Ensure that you have the right of way when making a turn.
  4. Always look for any oncoming traffic before committing to your turn.
  5. Don’t let other drivers intimidate you into making your turn. Only turn when you feel safe.
  6. Follow the road signs and avoid making illegal turns.

With these tips in mind, keep vigilant of other drivers’ actions when on the road as well. If you see any of them going against the tips listed above, slow down to make as much space from them and your vehicle as possible.

With our years of experience in improper turn car accident lawsuits and plenty of legal resources and strategies at hand, earning the compensation that is owed to you has never been easier. Contact Caffee Law at (206) 312-0954 or online for unmatched legal representation for your car accident claim today.



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