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When Does a Death Qualify for Wrongful Death?

Posted February 21, 2023
The aftermath of a loved one’s death is always a distressing, emotionally wrought time, but when the death was unexpected and preventable, it’s even more traumatic for loved ones left behind. Family members who’ve lost a loved one suffer the emotional and economic hardships that come from losing the support and guidance of a...
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What is the Personal Injuries Claims Process in Washington?

Posted January 11, 2023
If you’ve experienced an injury due to someone else’s actions or inaction, whether in a car accident, slip-and-fall, through a defective product, or any other accident caused by another’s negligence or wrongdoing, you may be feeling the life-altering effects and wondering where to turn to take back control. When an accident causes your life...
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Don’t Ignore These Six Delayed Symptoms After a Car Accident

Posted January 11, 2023
Most people imagine they’d know the extent of their injuries immediately after a car accident, but surprisingly, many accident victims sustain serious injuries that aren’t immediately identifiable after a crash. During the traumatic aftermath of a car accident, an adrenaline surge combined with high emotions and anxiety can cause a potent mix of hormones...
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What Are the Long Term Consequences of Brain Injury?

Posted November 11, 2022
Traumatic brain injuries have become a leading cause of disability and death in the U.S. with nearly 1.5 million TBIs reported per year in either mild, moderate, or severe categories. Of the estimated 1.5 million brain injuries, 50,000 victims die from their injuries but the rest survive their TBIs and go on to live...
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Are Punitive Damages Available for Injury Claims in Washington?

Posted October 13, 2022
The only thing worse than experiencing a painful or debilitating injury is experiencing one that was entirely preventable if it weren’t for the negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct of another individual. Whether the injury resulted from a careless driver disregarding traffic laws or from a hotel owner’s failure to repair a faulty stair riser,...
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What’s the Difference Between Survival Action & Wrongful Death?

Posted October 11, 2022
When a loved one dies, it’s a heartbreaking and stressful time for the surviving family members. If the death comes after an injury caused by another party’s negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct, it’s even more difficult for those left behind. Whether the loved one’s death resulted directly from the injury or they died from...
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Are Fireworks Legal in Washington State?

Posted June 16, 2022
With the start of summer comes holidays known for celebrations that are marked by fireworks, such as Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. In Washington State, however, fireworks are banned. It is illegal under state law to purchase and discharge fireworks without a proper license or permit as improper use of fireworks can...
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