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There are many types of roadway hazards that can lead to motor vehicle accidents.

Even if your vehicle functions well and your driving skills are all perfectly sharpened, drivers can still be at risk of life changing roadway accidents if road conditions are sub-par.

A portion of government spending, be it local, state, or federal, is meant to be allocated towards maintaining safe highways and roads. That includes providing effective and proper design, construction, and maintenance of the roads on which we travel.

If you are injured in an accident that was the result of defective or dangerous road conditions, certain parties – including government entities – may be held accountable these roads hazards lacked adequate warnings.

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Dangerous Road Conditions Are a Leading Cause of Crashes

Roadway hazards are a significant cause of motor vehicle accidents such as rollovers. Dangerous road conditions such as bad weather, difficult road condition, poor lighting, heavy traffic, or even road work can create dangerous scenarios for single vehicle or even cause a chain reaction of events in which multiple parties are involved.

There are several types of road hazards that can result in accidents which lead to serious injuries and possible fatalities. These include errors in design, construction, maintenance, or even failure to make proper adaptations to changing road conditions.

Defendants may argue that your accident was the result of driver error and had little to do with the conditions of the road on which you traveled. However, time after time, vehicles continue to run off the road and/or collide with fixed objects due these road hazards they face.

A safe road is one that has a smooth and stable surface, with no unexpected “trips” to interrupt the path. “Trips” are classified as any object, rail, pot hole, loose gravel, deep groove, or other obstacle which may cause a tire to lose contact with the road. When this occurs, serious or even fatal crashes are completely possible.

Another serious cause of dangerous roadway accidents is construction. While signs are often placed around construction projects, on occasion, workers may fail to provide proper and visible warnings. Without being informed that construction is taken place, drivers may crash into a construction vehicle, may not reduce their speed when traveling through a construction area, or may get involved in some sort of incident because of this lack of warning.

It is still the responsibility of government agencies to make sure roads are safe to travel by and any obstruction which they have control over is removed for the safety of drivers.

Types Of Dangerous Road Conditions That Cause Accidents

Local and state governments have a duty to make roadways free of hazards through the design, construction, and maintenance of said roadway.

The location of your accident will determine who is responsible for maintaining the roadway. Generally, if your accident occurs on a highway, you may file a claim against the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT). If the accident takes place on a city or county maintained road, then you may be able to file a claim against the local governing body responsible for maintenance.

The following are examples of dangerous road conditions which can result in catastrophic or fatal accidents:

Defect in Design

  • Dangerous curves, slopes, and dips in the road
  • Obstructions that reduce visibility at intersections and crosswalks
  • Unexpected drop-offs along the path
  • Dangerous merging caused by entrance and exit ramps that are too short
  • Ineffective or missing guardrails causing lack of protection
  • Lack of skid resistance in pavement
  • Faulty drainage systems that lead to hydroplaning
  • Lack of, defective, or wrong placement of advisory signage
  • Parking policies that obstruct visibility in busy intersections
  • Shoulders that are not distinguishable from road
  • Improper placement of highway traffic signals

Defect in Construction

  • Materials that are not suitable or effective
  • Workmanship that is not suitable or effective
  • Plans that were not executed properly

Defect in Maintenance

  • Lack of attention to or remedy for potential dangers such as:
    • Potholes
    • Ineffective guardrails
    • Faulty highway traffic control lights
    • Erosion or lowered visibility of painted markers
    • Deterioration or removal of signage and warnings

Defect in Failure to Change

  • Road subsidence or cave-ins
  • Ignoring remedy to roads where accidents are persistent
  • Failure to remedy potential hazard that appears in road survey

If you have suffered serious injuries as the result of a car accident caused by a dangerous roadway, contact Caffee Law right now. Our Seattle attorneys are more than capable of holding government bodies responsible for the damages they have caused you.

What Should I Do If I a Roadway Hazard Caused My Accident?

Because these types of incidents generally involve lawsuits against government bodies, they can be more complex than “traditional” car accidents. Thankfully, the seasoned legal support of Caffee Law can help to make the process a lot less stressful.

If you have been involved in an accident, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Seek appropriate medical attention. No matter the severity of your injuries, it is essential to assess your injuries. Whether a paramedic assists you at the scene or you are examined at the emergency room, be sure to document all injuries and medical expenses. This data will later serve as evidence to support your claim.
  2. Contact the authorities. Police may arrive at the scene of the accident and file a report. Be sure to ask questions such as when you may receive a copy of any reports made.
  3. File a Collision Report Form. As per the Washington Department of Transportation, accident reports must be filed within 4 days of the accident. Such reports will require specific personal information, including insurance coverage data. Individuals should also report if any road hazards that contributed to the accident.
  4. Get legal counsel from a seasoned dangerous road accident attorney. Gathering evidence for a hazardous roadway claim begins at the scene of the accident. The sooner that you contact Caffee Law, the better your chances for securing compensation for the damages you have suffered.
  5. File a roadway accident claim. Remember that in hazardous road claims, the defendant is the government. The government had a duty to make public roads as safe as possible for drivers and hazards which cause accidents are a breach of the duty of reasonable care. You should not face the expenses of your injuries alone.

If a roadway hazard has caused an accident which brought you harm, you will need the support of a qualified roadway accident attorney that has the necessary knowledge and resources to handle a claim against government entities.

How Can Caffee Law Help Me?

Significant evidence must be pursued for a successful claim against government bodies. Due care to implement or remedy roadway hazards is the standard which the government must uphold.

Our dedicated attorneys have successfully handled countless dangerous road accident claims in the State of Washington and in the Seattle metro area. Our attorneys will begin by working with a team of medical professionals, accident reconstruction experts, researchers, and other legal professionals to gather sufficient evidence.

Details from accident reports and even topographical information will also be examined for more evidence. Your injuries and expenses related to the accident should all be documented for further support.

A successful claim lies in proving that the government had knowledge of a specific roadway danger or potential risks, yet failed to take action in remedying the situation.

Further support may also be gathered by examining past accident patterns and determining whether the government has implemented reasonable care to resolve roadway conditions that have previously caused accidents.

Claims Filed Against Governing Bodies

As per the principle called “sovereign immunity,” not many legal claims may be made against governmental bodies without their consent. Though there are rigid filing expectations and strict deadlines for such claims, an attorney that is adept in such legal pursuits can help you obtain the justice you deserve regardless.

Through years of experience in filing and securing claims against state and municipal bodies for injuries that resulted from dangerous roads, our firm will deliver strength and confidence in this battle. Proof is essential in these claims.

If the government refutes your claim concerning a dangerous road condition, support for your claim can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Display evidence from survey records. History of accident records and topographical maps can be used to prove that the road danger has yet to be resolved despite its record.
  2. Show how the government should have known about the hazard. Typically, their information is sourced from people reporting the hazard or the regular road surveys that must be maintained.

All motorists are entitled to safe road conditions. The only way to achieve this and reduce the number of accidents caused by road hazards is to ensure that the agencies that create and maintain the highways exercise reasonable care to implement or remedy any foreseeable dangers.

If you or a loved one has been harmed in an accident caused by hazardous road conditions, then action must be taken to hold responsible entities accountable. By pursuing a claim against a government entity for your dangerous roadway accident, you are not only seeking justice and compensation for yourself, but are also making a change that can help to prevent another serious accident.

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