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Hire the Seattle wide turn truck accident attorneys of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers to secure the maximum monetary compensation for your truck accident. Contact us at (206) 312-0954 or online to schedule your FREE legal consultation with the best wide turn truck accident attorneys in Washington today.

Whether they go by the name semi-truck, tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler, or a big rig, a wide turning large commercial vehicle is a hazard to other drivers on the road. While we all do what we can to avoid these giants on the road, sometimes a negligent truck driver taking a sharp wide turn can put us in harm’s way.

Wide turn accidents can cause significant damage to our bodies and our vehicles, both of which are expensive to repair.

You may need to fight for justice and compensation after you have been involved in a serious truck accident. To do so, you’re going to need strong representation that has the knowledge and grit to take on a big trucking company and their insurer.

The attorneys of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers want to hear about your truck accident. Contact our experienced Seattle wide turn accident attorneys today at (206) 312-0954 for a FREE confidential consultation.

What Makes a Wide Turn so Dangerous?

When a truck is in the process of making a wide turn, it can place many other drivers at risk. Since commercial trucks and their trailers weigh between 20 to 30 times more than a traditional passenger vehicle and are three to four times longer, they need a lot of space to make a turn – especially a right turn.

A lot of factors can make this a difficult maneuver for truck drivers to perform, including:

  1. Width of the Road
  2. Traffic Congestion
  3. Poor Visibility
  4. Truck Driver Fatigue
  5. Route Unfamiliarity
  6. Truck Driver Inexperience
  7. Drug and/or Alcohol Impairment

While the previously mentioned circumstances can make it difficult for a truck driver to make a wide turn, it is the responsibility of their employer to train them properly in performing this type of maneuver safely.

If the employing truck company is cutting corners and not administering proper training to their employees, this can be considered negligence.

Truck drivers must also signal that they are going to turn at least 100 feet before doing it. That gives other drivers on the road plenty of time to make appropriate accommodations in order to ensure everyone’s safety. When a truck driver fails to signal their turn within a reasonable amount of time, a passenger car may plow into the side of the trailer, which happens frequently in these types of accidents.

In worst case scenarios a mistimed, or no-signal, wide turn can lead to a head-on collision.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) states that the vast majority of right turn accidents usually involve some form of unsafe behavior on part of the truck driver, where the truck driver:

  • Failed to use a turn signal.
  • Swung too wide into the left lane when making a right turn.
  • Failed to check their mirrors before initiating the turn.
  • Failed to wait for other vehicles to pass the intersection first.
  • Failed to slow down or maintain an appropriate speed when making a wide turn.
  • Encroached onto lanes with oncoming traffic.

These problematic practices put other drivers into hazardous situations. Do NOT let these negligent truck drivers and their employers avoid the accountability for the pain they have caused you.

Trust in the unmatched legal experience of our truck accident attorneys at Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers if you have been injured in a wide turn accident.

Our attorneys are waiting to hear your story. Contact us right now at (206) 312-0954 to get your truck accident claim started with a FREE case evaluation.

Know the “No-Zones”

Large trucks have certain areas in which they cannot see you, otherwise known as no-zones or blind spots. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one-third of all truck accidents involving passenger vehicles occurred as a result of issues stemming from these blind spots.

Next time you are on the road next to these large vehicles, make sure you stay away from:

  • Sides – If you can’t see the truck driver’s face in his side view mirror, he or she cannot see you. The truck’s right side—which is also the side where most wide turn accidents occur—is the most dangerous spot to be in when traveling alongside a large truck.
  • Front – This no-zone takes up 20 feet in front of the large truck. If a truck driver is tailgating you before your accident, this could be a sign of negligence.
  • Rear – If you are driving right behind the trailer, chances are high that the truck driver cannot see you. Stay at least four to five car lengths away.
  • Reversing – The trailer part of an 18-wheeler is usually eight-and-a-half feet long. That means that if a small passenger car was directly behind the trailer, the truck driver may not be able to see it.
  • Wide Turning – A truck has to swing a little more in the opposite direction in order to pull off a wide turn. When turning right, an 18-wheeler driver will more than likely obstruct traffic momentarily, but the driver will normally have a hard time seeing anyone coming from behind the trailer or at his or her sides.

Call the commercial truck accident attorneys of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers to represent you in your wide turn accident claim. We have the experience, skills, and determination to get you the results you need. Reach us today at (206) 312-0954 for a FREE case evaluation.

Who Is Held Liable for Wide Turn Truck Accidents?

Trucking companies and their drivers have a specific duty of care to keep others on the road safe. Not only are company drivers trained to keep others safe while they are making a right turn, but it is also mandated by local Seattle law, Washington state law, and federal law.

Failure to abide by these laws and regulations could mean that the trucking company and/or the truck driver acted out of negligence.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the following parties can be held liable:

  • The driver for illegal or negligent driving behaviors.
  • The trucking company for failing to adequately train the driver or hiring a driver with multiple serious citations.
  • Parts manufacturer if it can be proven that the accident was the result of a defective truck part.
  • The party responsible for maintaining the vehicle. This can be the owner of the truck or a 3rd party.
  • The company that loaded the truck’s cargo if they did so incorrectly.

If you or someone you love is having difficulty proving liability, you will need our experienced truck accident lawyer to help you sort out your wide turn truck accident claim, depend on Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers to help you secure the justice and compensation that is owed to you.

What Kind of Injuries Can Occur in a Wide Turn Truck Accident?

Being struck by an 80,000 pound 18-wheeler that is wide turning can cause catastrophic damages to you and your vehicle. It is not uncommon to see victims of this particular type of accident sustain:

  • Cuts and Lacerations
  • Burns
  • Broken Bones
  • Torso and Rib Injuries
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Head Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Internal Injuries
  • Amputated Limbs and Extremities
  • Death

It is a serious understatement to say that these kinds of accidents can alter the lives of the victim or their family forever. In the worst of circumstances, these types of accidents can even cause death.

If you or someone you love have been involved in a truck accident of this magnitude, the skilled wide turn truck accident attorneys of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers want to help you get the monetary compensation you need to heal.

Justice is but a phone call away. Contact us at (206) 312-0954 to set up your FREE legal consultation.

Why You Need Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers to Represent Your Wide Turn Truck Accident Claim

A wide turn truck accident can be way more complex than an accident between two passenger vehicles. This is why you will need experienced guidance to help you navigate through all of the legal processes, negotiation processes, and research or discovery processes.

Multiple parties, insurance companies, evidence collection, research, and injuries all have to be managed at the same time, which can be quite overwhelming for an attorney that doesn’t have the necessary experience to accurately represent you in civil court.

Keep in mind that trucking and insurance companies are notorious for bad faith practices that often underpay or outright claims against them. This is why you need Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers. We have over a decade of experience in fighting bad faith actors who try to undervalue our client’s damages.

Call the experienced wide turn truck accident attorneys of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers today at (206) 312-0954 to set up your no-obligation, FREE legal consultation.

What Compensation Can I Expect to Earn From a Wide Turn Truck Accident Claim?

When you’ve been involved in a wide turn truck accident, you need the best legal representation to take on these trucking companies and the insurance companies backing them. With Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, our wide turn truck accident attorneys have the legal experience, resources, and strategies necessary to help you win maximum monetary compensation that includes but is not limited to damages for:

  • Past and ongoing medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Financial damages
  • Economic damages
  • Punitive damages

Keep in mind that if you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of a truck driver or the company they work for, you may also qualify to recover any funeral expenses under a wrongful death claim. In addition, the surviving immediate family members may also qualify for recovery in a loss of companionship or consortium claim.

Please remember: It is extremely important that you do not, under any circumstances, agree to settle with the trucking company or their insurance. Doing so may undervalue your deserved compensation and release the party from liability, essentially forfeiting your right to seek compensation.