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Override Accident Attorneys in Seattle, WA

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Have you or a loved one been injured in an override trucking accident in Seattle or the surrounding area? Are your injuries causing physical suffering, financial problems, and emotional stress? Was the accident the result of someone else’s negligence?

If so, you need a Seattle truck accident lawyer. Although no amount of money can make up for the pain and suffering caused by a serious injury, an experienced trucking accident lawyer can help you file a claim and seek compensation to pay for hospital bills, lost wages, and future missed wages.

At Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, our clients are important to us, and we know how to fight for our client’s rights in override and other trucking accidents. Contact one of our experienced truck accident attorneys in Seattle today for a free consultation at (206) 312-0954 or contact us online. Having an experienced truck accident attorney on your side will give you the best chance at a successful outcome for your claim

Do I Need an Override Accident Attorney After a Trucking Accident?

There are a variety of reasons why you should contact a knowledgeable truck accident attorney after an override accident. One reason is that truckers work for companies, and companies want to save money. The trucker’s or trucking company’s insurance adjuster will probably try to economize by offering you a low-ball amount of money to close out your claim. Additionally, commercial trucking crashes can be much more complex than a standard auto accident. This is why an experienced trucking accident lawyer can help you avoid the pitfall of accepting a settlement offer that is less than what you deserve.

If an insurance adjuster contacts you after an accident and asks for your side of the story, politely tell them you want to talk to an attorney first. Although they may act like they are intent on helping you recover compensation, they are really trying to get you on record saying something that could damage your case. If they offer you a lump sum for your claim, it will likely be for an amount that’s lower than your claim is actually worth.

Having a lawyer to fight for your rights is crucial. A lawyer can help you receive compensation not just for the medical bills associated with the accident but also for lost income if you were unable to work or future income if the injury is likely to affect your ability to work in the future. This money can be used to pay your bills, support your family, or even train for a new career. In some cases, you can be awarded non-economic damages for emotional distress and pain and suffering.

Why Should Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers Handle My Case?

As one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers every year since 2013, Jeffrey R. Caffee has the experience and knowledge to defend your rights in court and present the best case for your claim. Boasting a Bachelor of Science from Saint Leo University and a Juris Doctor from Notre Dame Law school, Mr. Caffee’s education and decades of experience in court make him one of Seattle’s premier personal injury lawyers.

Furthermore, Mr. Caffee is a member of the Washington State Bar Association, the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association, and the King County Bar Association. In 2009, he was given an Award for Advocacy for his achievements in the art and science of advocacy by The International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

Mr. Caffee takes your rights seriously and is honored to fight for victims of override and other types of trucking accidents. These qualities are why, over the years, Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers has recovered millions of dollars for clients wrongfully injured in trucking and other motor vehicle accidents.

Lastly, because Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers works on a contingency fee basis, you will not have to spend a dime out of your own pocket to be represented. You will only pay a fee if we successfully obtain a monetary award for your claim.

At Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, we work hard on your behalf to negotiate a just and fair settlement for your injuries.

What is an Override Accident, and How do They Happen?

An override accident happens when a truck runs over another vehicle. This would, naturally, be frightening for the occupants of the car and can often result in serious injuries or even death.

Because trucks are so much bigger than most other vehicles on the road, sometimes a truck can completely shave off the top of a passenger car or drag the car under its cab or trailer before coming to a stop. Fuel spillage and potential fires can add risk to an already life-threatening situation.

Override accidents often occur when a truck is tailgating a passenger vehicle, and they don’t give themselves enough time and space to stop. Brake failures, worn tires, and hazardous road conditions can also contribute to override accidents. Listed below are some of the other common types of override cases that occur in Seattle:

  • Faulty equipment. By law, trucking companies must inspect their vehicles on a regular basis. Still, override and other types of trucking accidents sometimes occur because of faulty brakes or some part or system that was overlooked in the inspection process.
  • Inebriated driver. There’s no excuse for any driver to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while on the road, and professional truckers are no exception. Being intoxicated can diminish reaction time and set up an opportunity for an override accident.
  • Weather issues. Rain, snow, sleet, and fog can reduce visibility for the driver, can cause them to brake late, and potentially create an override accident. Although professional drivers train to be able to drive competently in all weather, extreme conditions increase the chances of an accident.
  • Overloaded cargo. Regulations govern how much weight and what size cargo trucks can carry and how it must be loaded. When a truck is overloaded, or cargo is not secured, the shifting load can cause the drive to lose control of the truck.
  • Fatigue. If a driver falls asleep at the wheel or takes their eyes off the road for just a split second, dangerous accidents can happen.

Establishing who is the negligent party or parties after a trucking accident in Seattle is the most important part of winning your override claim. Because trucking accidents are complicated, there can be many different negligent parties, and sometimes multiple parties are at fault.

The potential negligent parties in a trucking accident can include:

  • Cargo loading businesses
  • Truck part manufacturers
  • Truck drivers and owners
  • Trucking companies
  • Government entities.
  • Maintenance businesses
  • Other motorists

An experienced truck accident attorney will work with you to gather the evidence and hold the negligent party or parties accountable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after an override accident in Seattle?

First and foremost, seek medical treatment immediately after an accident. Even if you don’t think you’ve been injured, some injuries don’t show symptoms right away, or the severity of the symptoms could be slight at first but increase over time. Also, save all your documents from doctor and hospital visits.

If possible, try to take photos of the accident scene, the vehicles, and your injuries. Collect any witness names, contact details, and statements. Exchange insurance information with the other driver or drivers in the collision. Most importantly, if you are approached by an insurance agent from the trucking company, do not sign anything or give a statement, and contact an attorney as soon as possible.

What if I was partially at fault for the accident?

Because Washington uses a comparative fault system for awarding claims, you can still file a claim if you were partially at fault for the accident. Under comparative fault rules, the court will determine what percentage of fault belongs to each party, and the claim is paid out accordingly. For example, if you were 30% to blame for an accident and you are awarded a $10,000 claim, your claim will be reduced by 30%. You would receive $7,000 instead of $10,000.

How long do I have to file after an accident?

While it’s recommended you contact an attorney as soon as possible after a trucking accident, the statute of limitations for override accidents in Washington state is three years. What that means is that, from the date of the accident, you have three years to file a claim for compensation in the courts. For minors, disabled persons, or persons imprisoned on criminal charges, the statute of limitations can be extended.

If you should file your lawsuit after the statutory deadline has passed, your case will likely be dismissed, and you may lose your right to pursue compensation through the court system. Your best option is to hire an attorney now. They can attempt to settle your claim while still preparing to file a lawsuit just in case an optimum settlement agreement cannot be reached.

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If you or a loved one sustained injuries in an override accident or any accident involving a truck, and you believe other parties were at fault, contact Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers today at (206) 312-0954 to discuss your case. We’re ready to take on trucking companies and their insurance agencies so that you get the justice and compensation you deserve.