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Suppose you have been injured in a car accident in Seattle, WA. Was the accident caused by another party’s negligence, and did it end in a severe and costly injury? If so, you should speak to one of the Seattle personal injury attorneys at Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers about filing a claim for compensation or a lawsuit for damages.

The Seattle personal injury lawyers of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers have over a decade of experience helping residents of Washington recover compensation for their injuries, and they can use that experience to help you and your family. Call us today at (206) 312-0954 and let us help you get justice after a debilitating accident.

Put Your Personal Injury Case In The Hands Of Experienced Seattle Lawyers

Our injury lawyers are experienced in personal injury law and will provide you with the best possible outcome.

When hiring personal injury attorneys, it is essential to look for experience of all types, including car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. You should also ask about their past verdicts and settlements with the personal injury law firm.

All of these are valid questions, and we want to answer them here. We have compiled a list of personal injury law cases that our Seattle, WA, personal injury lawyers handle daily relating to auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and traumatic brain injuries.

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been helping Seattle, WA residents get the help they need after automobile accidents for years. We’ve seen all types of personal injury law cases, from slip and falls claims involving minor injuries to wrongful death lawsuits. Personal injury law is all we do, and we have the skills and reputation for helping you get the restitution you deserve after auto accidents or devastating injuries.

We believe in building a personal connection with our clients by listening to your side of the story and keeping an open line of communication with you at all times. We will keep you informed about the status of your claim throughout the process and be by your side every step of the way to provide guidance and legal counsel.

We’ve helped thousands of clients get millions of dollars in compensation and awards, and we can help you do the same. Check out our Testimonials page to hear from some of our satisfied clients.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Injury Claim?

Washington state law allows you to file a claim on your own, but there are many reasons why having experienced legal representation to assist you can be helpful. Here are some benefits of bringing your personal injury case to Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers.

Get the Legal Assistance You Need

Our personal injury law firm will do more than help you write a strong demand letter. We are your advocate and counsel throughout the claims process. We will bring the total weight of our skills and experience to bear on your case, help prevent novice mistakes, and advise you about all available options in recovering compensation.

Do Personal Injury Attorneys Handle Negotiations With Insurance Companies?

Claims are usually handled by the insurance company of the party responsible for your injury, and they have a tried and true playbook for denying claims. They may not outright lie to you, but their methods aren’t fully transparent either.

They may try to convince you that injury attorneys will only delay your settlement, ask why you’d want to split your payment with a lawyer, or explain why an injury lawyer isn’t necessary for your specific type of injury.

They may offer a quick settlement and try to take advantage of, or severe injury can cause. These are all tactics designed to protect their bottom line. An experienced attorney can help you see through these underhanded methods and focus on vigorously pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Reputable Legal Representation

A good reputation is invaluable in injury law. It can mean the difference between a fair settlement and a settlement just large enough to make you think you’re being treated fairly.

When submitting demand letters to insurance companies for compensation on our letterhead, you can be sure that they’ll take notice and pay more attention than they might if you submit a demand letter on your own.

Receive Fair Compensation

Compensation for a personal injury case is calculated according to the losses you suffered due to your injury. Some of these losses, such as property damage or lost wages, are easy to understand.

Other non-material losses, such as pain and suffering or mental anguish, can be more challenging to quantify. Using our experience and previous case history, an attorney can help determine how much compensation you are owed for all your pain and suffering.

Can Injury Attorneys File a Claim On My Behalf?

Hiring an attorney gives you options beyond submitting a demand letter and waiting for a settlement. The vast majority of injury cases are settled out of court, but if the insurance company decides your claim is without merit, they can deny payment, leaving you in the lurch when you need help the most.

When you hire the Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, we can file a lawsuit for damages if settlement negotiations are unsuccessful. Even the threat of a case can change the cost-benefit equation for an insurance company.

Even if they are successful at defending their client in court, they’ll have to expend large amounts of money and resources to do so, which can end up being more expensive than a fair settlement in the end.

How Do Personal Injury Claims Work?

Personal injury claims are requests for compensation for losses that occurred due to another party’s negligence. They can range from a sprained ankle on a slippery floor to a claim of wrongful death caused by an industrial accident and all types of injuries in between.

The claims process is handled in civil as opposed to criminal court. Unlike criminal cases, where the goal is to convict a party of wrongdoing, the goal of a civil case is obtaining restitution for some physical or emotional injury caused by the negligent party. In some cases, a defendant can be tried in both civil and criminal courts, but these cases are the exception to the rule.

What Are Common Causes of Personal Injury Cases in Seattle, WA?

We handle a large variety of possible injury claims, such as:

Car Accidents

In these types of claims where the accident wasn’t the other driver’s fault, the claimants were either the drivers or passengers in a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, or any other vehicle involved in a personal injury collision.

Car accident injuries can include soft tissue damage as well as fractures and broken bones. Soft tissue injuries include whiplash, cuts, and bruises.

Truck Accidents

Truck injury claims happen when a driver or passenger in another vehicle is injured after an accident with a big rig. Examples of significant rig accidents include rear-end collisions, sideswipe crashes, and head-on collisions involving commercial trucks over 10,000 pounds.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle claims happen when a motorcycle collides with another vehicle or is hit from behind, falls over due to road problems, such as potholes, or runs into something stationary.

Bicycle Accidents

Insurance claims resulting from accidents where the bicycle rider has been injured in a collision involving a car. These accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Claims involving pedestrians can result from a car accident, motorcycle accident, or even a bicycle wreck.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction claims happen when workers are injured on a construction site due.

Burn Accidents

Claims resulting from burn injuries occur in many different accidents, such as car accidents or motorcycle wrecks.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall claims result when an individual is injured after slipping on wet floors, unsecured stairs, backed-up drainage systems, or other dangerous conditions due to poor maintenance.

Dog bites

Claims from dog bites can happen anywhere. A dog injury claim could result from a dog attack on the owner’s property, a neighbor’s house, a public place, or a business where the personal injuries were sustained when entering or exiting.

Rideshare Accidents

Claims resulting from rideshare accidents, like Uber and Lyft

Trespassing Accidents

Claims caused by accidents that happen on someone else’s land are usually referred to as trespassing claims.

Spinal Cord Injury Accidents

Claims resulting from accidents that damage the spinal cord are also referred to as SCI personal injury claims.

Scooter Accidents

Claims resulting from accidents involving personal scooters are also referred to as pocket bikes.

Wrongful Death

Claims resulting in a death that could have been prevented, such as a doctor’s failure to diagnose an illness

Should I Speak to an Insurance Company After an Accident?

Our Seattle personal injury lawyers will work with clients to obtain compensation for the injured person. Insurance companies acting only to protect customers’ best interests won’t often offer any amount to cover your accident.

A Seattle, WA attorney can help you achieve fair compensation and total compensation. Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers Seattle personal injury lawyers can also help you secure a modest and full recovery from a car accident in the United States.

Common Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Deny Claims

It’s important to understand that insurance companies are not truly on your side after an accident, regardless of how friendly and sympathetic their representatives sound on the phone as they ask about your health. In fact, their entire business model depends on taking in far more in premiums than they’ll ever pay out in claims. This means they hire insurance adjusters whose jobs are to find reasons to deny or undervalue claims.

Common tactics most large insurance companies use to deny your claim or lowball a settlement offer include the following:

  • Calling you very soon after an accident with a low settlement offer so you sign away your right to negotiate for more or file a lawsuit once you understand the full scope of your economic damages from the accident
  • Asking for medical authorization to access your medical records to review your accident-related injuries and then scouring your medical history to try to claim your pain or symptoms are from a pre-existing condition
  • Asking for a recorded statement and using your words out of context to show that you are not seriously injured
  • Recording phone calls to use your casual statements such as “I’m fine, thank you,” or “I never saw him coming” against you.
  • Disputing your medical bills and claiming your treatment is unnecessary or out of the norm for your injury
  • Denying their coverage was in effect at the time of the accident
  • Attempting to show you were at fault or partly at fault in the accident to minimize their client’s percentage of fault in the accident
  • Using endless delaying tactics to get you to give up or settle for an undervalued amount

It’s always best to contact a personal injury attorney after an accident and direct all communications with insurance companies through your lawyer. It’s also important to stay off of social media after an accident and throughout the duration of a claim or lawsuit. You could be smiling in spite of your pain from a lawn chair at a backyard barbecue and the social media post could be later used against you.

What Is The Statute of Limitations For Personal Injury Claims in Washington?

Personal injury claims must be limited from the date of the accident. In addition to three years, you may also have additional time if an accident has not been discovered and injuries were not discovered until many years later. A significant number of essential pieces of evidence needed for the recovery can be lost within three years, making seeking compensation even harder.

It is highly recommended to take action immediately by contacting our Seattle personal injury lawyers as soon as you are able. This limits the chances of losing any evidence and information in three years after the claim is filed. The discovery rule provides a year from the date on which an injury was reasonably discovered.

What Are Common Injuries Associated With Personal Injury Cases?

You’re able to demand compensation for any injury caused by another party’s negligence. The list of possible injuries is extensive and includes the following:

Broken bones

Since bones are the support system of the entire body, a broken bone can also lead to other injuries. Broken bones can be a visible and painful injury that takes time to heal, but it may also be an internal injury with unseen consequences.

Broken bones caused by accidents may be visible or hidden fractures. An accident can cause hairline fractures, which are small cracks in the bone. They may also cause complete breaks (or breaks that go all the way through the bone).

Sprains and strains personal injuries

Sprains occur when a ligament in your knee is injured, and the most common treatment is to apply ice and elevate the leg. Fractures personal injuries are fractures that break through the skin. This personal injury is caused by force from another object or individual that damages part of your body, such as a broken arm personal injury.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injury personal injuries result from an external force that causes damage to the brain, such as a lash personal injury. This personal injury can also be the result of violent shaking or a personal tumor injury.

Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury can be caused by a car, motorcycle, or truck accident. Spinal cord injuries can be very severe and affect the body’s sensory functions below the point of damage.


Lacerations are personal injuries caused by accidents. A cut or tear in the skin from an object, such as a glass or metal injury, creates a laceration example include scalp or gash injuries. The risk for infection after personal injury cases is very high; if you have sustained an injury, immediately seek medical attention to avoid any further complications.

Whiplash injuries

Whiplash injuries are some of the most common due to motor vehicle accidents. These occur when your head is whipped backward or forwards beyond its normal range of motion, which can cause personal injuries ranging from mild neck pain to more serious personal injuries such as herniated discs. When suffering whiplash, you should seek medical attention immediately.


This injury typically results from a traffic accident, a slip, and fall, or a sports injury. It can also be caused by a violent shaking of the head and upper body. Symptoms include loss of consciousness for a brief period and headaches.

If you experience these symptoms after an accident that involved another party’s negligence, you should seek medical attention immediately to determine if you have sustained a concussion as a result of the incident.

Burn injuries

Burn personal injuries personal can be hazardous and cause life-threatening personal injuries. These injuries are caused by a heat source such as fire, hot liquid. If you have suffered a burn injury, it is essential to seek immediate medical attention from a nurse or doctor. You should also contact your Seattle personal injury attorney, who can help you file an individual claim for damages caused by accident.

Internal Injuries

Internal injuries can occur due to an impact on your body, such as car or motorcycle injuries. Internal personal injuries can also be caused by long-term medical conditions, like cancer. If you suffer internal injuries as the result of another party’s negligence, you should contact your personal injury attorney, who can get you the personal injury settlement you deserve for your personal injuries.


Dislocation can be caused by an injury to the bone where the two ends of the bone rub against each other. This injury typically involves dislocated shoulders, elbows, and knees. In addition, your muscles and ligaments may also sustain damage.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident?

Always contact the police to file a report. If you have health insurance, start dealing with your own health care provider. You can request or subpoena the other driver’s car insurance information from the police department.

Some states require all drivers to carry liability car insurance, so if there is no police report on record and you must deal with an uninsured motorist, you should seek medical treatment immediately and wait for the bills to arrive. Those services will be your first source of compensation.

Immediately after a car accident, do the following to protect your physical and financial health:

  • If you are seriously injured, remain in place and wait for emergency services to help you
  • If you are able to move safely without causing further injury to yourself, move to the shoulder of the road and out of traffic
  • Call 911 to report your accident and location
  • Give comfort and reasonable aid to any other injured victims
  • Use your smartphone to snap photos of the involved vehicles and the accident scene
  • Take photos of any relevant factors such as road signs and traffic signals
  • Take down the contact information of the other driver(s) and eyewitnesses
  • Accept emergency transportation to a hospital and undergo a thorough examination, telling the doctor about every symptom
  • Ask for a detailed medical report with treatment recommendations and prognosis
  • Save all medical bills
  • Follow all of your doctor’s recommendations
  • Avoid posting on social media
  • Obtain a copy of the accident report
  • Keep a journal record of your pain and other impacts on your life
  • Call an experienced personal injury attorney to evaluate your case before speaking to insurance company representatives

If I Have Been Injured in a Car Accident, Does That Mean That Someone Else Is Automatically at Fault?

Not necessarily. There are different types of car accidents that result in injuries, each with an entirely different set of circumstances. Examples include rear-end collisions, sideswipe mishaps, head-on collisions, drunk driving crashes, and so on. While it may seem difficult to understand the exact reasons you have been hurt, your best bet is to hire an attorney and let them sort it out.

How to Find a Good Injury Lawyer in Seattle?

You can ask around. Friends and family members may have suggestions for you or point you to someone who has helped them in the past. If that doesn’t get you anywhere, there are online services such as and, where you can find an extensive list of attorneys in your area by simply performing a search for “accident lawyer” and the name of your city. Or, you can contact us by calling (206) 312-0954.

What Can I Expect From a Personal Injury Attorney?

That depends on what you want to accomplish and how much you’re willing to pay for it. For some clients, all they want is a free consultation and an evaluation of their case. Others hire lawyers who charge an hourly rate, and yet others sue for damages and ask the judge to award them a monetary amount due to medical bills and other costs accumulated as a result of the accident.

What Types of Cases Do Injury Law Firms in Seattle Handle?

Our Seattle personal injury attorneys handle cases involving car accidents, medical malpractice, wrongful death, slip-and-fall accidents, nursing home abuse, or neglect. There are many firms in Seattle, Washington, but it is helpful to select one with a good track record of obtaining high verdicts and settlements for its clients.

Common Causes of Personal Injuries

Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers focuses on helping people pursue compensation if they are injured. Seattle, WA residents have everything they need for an appropriate medical service provided by their provider. Pet Owners in Seattle need to be responsible for any harm their dog’s cause when attacking anyone.

Elderly people who live in a Washington nursing home have the right to dignity. The law offers the residents the right to seek compensation for unauthorized or inadvertent misconduct in nursing care. In 2018 111 people perished on King County road, and a total of 580 were seriously injured.

How Much Does A Seattle Injury Lawyer Cost?

Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers understands that not everyone has the financial means to afford an attorney immediately after a debilitating car accident, which is why we work on a contingency-fee-basis.

A contingency fee arrangement works like this: you come to us with your accident and injuries. We review your case, and if we think you have a valid claim for compensation, we sign on to represent you and start building your claim.

We then investigate the accident, interview witnesses, gather evidence and documents, and move forward with submitting a demand letter for compensation. We take the lead in negotiating the settlement and keep you informed at all times.

If we reach an agreement with the insurance company, payment is issued, and the process ends. If we do not, we move forward with filing a lawsuit for damages and take your case to court. Throughout this process, you pay nothing. You have no upfront costs.

Only if we are successful at obtaining a settlement or verdict in your favor do we take a percentage of the amount awarded. If we are not successful in getting you compensation, you pay nothing.

There are no upfront costs of our services – we offer a free consultation. You must pay all legal fees in full when a final result is expected in this case: and this cost is not taken out of your pocket but a part of your recovery from compensation.

This gives you the ability to retain outstanding representation without having to worry about how to pay for services and allows us to provide the best possible representation to achieve the maximal possible compensation for your needs.

Injury and Accident Statistics in Seattle

For the years 2013 to 2017:

  • The state of Washington had 7,672 injury-related deaths.
  • The leading cause of injury-related death for individuals ages 25 to 64 was unintentional poisoning.
  • The largest cause of injury-related death for Washington state residents ages five to nine and ages 15 to 24 was related to car accidents.
  • The largest cause of injury-related death for residents ages 65 and over was unintentional falls.

Seattle statistics:

  • There were just over 10,000 police-reportedcollisionson Seattle, WA streets in 2018.
  • There were a total of 191 fatal or serious injury collisions in 2018.
  • In 2018, there were just over 60 pedestrian injury-related collisions in Seattle, WA, nine of them fatal.
  • There were 24 serious injury collisions on bicycles, with one fatality in 2018.

What Kind of Cases Do Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Seattle personal injury lawyers assist serious injuries of all types, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and traumatic brain injuries. If you were involved in an accident, you might be feeling overwhelmed.

Various types of injuries will demand the services of a personal injury attorney. Motor vehicle accidents are one of the main cause of injuries such as whiplash, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries. In Seattle, WA, our personal injury law firm can help you with your claim for injury cases and damages.

If you have experienced a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, we assist Seattle accident injury victims in navigating the claims process with insurance companies. A car accident can cause significant turmoil in life, and many injury victims have a hard time regaining a sense of normalcy.

Pedestrian Accidents

Hundreds of people die simply walking on Seattle streets every year. In most cases, pedestrians with no protective cover will be very seriously injured in an accident occurred. This large firm knows without consulting; you have two options – accept an offer or close up a case.

When a defendant hires Seattle, WA Injury Law, the tables have been reset, and the insurance company knows you can file a lawsuit on your behalf to save your job from your peers.

Personal injuries are categorized into three major categories: physical damages that include broken bones and scarring; property damage which includes property loss or damage during the accident; and psychological effects of personal injuries, including personal losses such as personal income or the loss of a close friend.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Many insurance companies and insurers do not recognize the long-run impact of TBIs, Concussions, and other brain injuries. To get it to you if something unexpected occurs, contact our lawyer today for free discussion. We’ll be on your side if the insurance companies want.

Seattle Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Available 24/7!

Seattle’s SemiTruck accident lawyers are available 24 hours a day. Semi-trailer crashes inevitably have increased difficulties owing to ownership of the truck and its cargo. Many parties may already be responsible. Truck accidents result in some of the most serious personal injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and wrongful death claims.

Seattle Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Ready To Help!

Seattle motorcycle crash lawyers are ready to help you make a recovery journey. Our lawyers understand the healing process but are sensitive towards the justice-seeking compensation for clients. Accidents involving motorcycles can result in personal injuries such as broken bones and emergency medical treatment, and wrongful death. Accidents are, therefore virtually unavoidable in almost all motorcycle accidents.

We offer legal representation and advice to victims of motorcycle crashes throughout the United States. We are also pleased to assist the recovery process of those who have died in motorcycle crashes. We are happy to offer legal support and advice to those who have lost family members in motorcycle accidents.

When Should a Personal Injury Lawyer Be Used?

An experienced Seattle personal injury lawyer can help guide your claim. This may include the determination of the value of your claim, filing the documents necessary, and advising you on the best course of action for your claim. The legal firm can retain expert witnesses who can provide complete value to its client.

Ultimately a personal injury attorney is with you to provide counsel and advocate in the best interest of your safety. You have a clear idea of what to expect in your recovery, and you know if this is your best opportunity to seek maximum compensation for your injury. Visit [link] for further information.

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If you were injured in a car accident in Seattle and in need of legal representation or medical treatment, don’t wait any longer. Call the personal injury attorneys of Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers for a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation, and let us help you get the compensation you deserve. To discuss your injuries or your child’s accident with a Seattle personal injury lawyer, call(206) 312-0954.