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We love our dogs like part of the family, but when a person adds a furry family member to their home, they become responsible for any harm caused by their pet. Dog attacks are terrifying and painful, causing not only physical and emotional trauma but also expensive medical treatments to repair bite wounds and restore the function and appearance of tears and lacerations caused by animal teeth.

If you or your loved one suffered a violent attack from a dog in Renton or the surrounding Washington area and sustained significant injuries, the medical costs can quickly add up, just as you’re dealing with pain and trauma. A Renton dog bite attorney is your best ally. In Washington, the law makes it clear that a dog’s owner is responsible for damages caused by the dog, even if the dog had no prior history of biting. The attorneys at Caffee Law have a track record of success in helping dog bite victims recover damages from negligent dog owners, but it’s important to act quickly. Reach out to our Renton personal injury lawyers today to talk about your terrifying dog bite experience in a free consultation on your case.

Owner Liability in Dog Bite Attacks in Renton

Unlike states that have a one-bite rule, Washington is a strict liability state when it comes to dog bites (RCW16.08.040), even if the dog never bit before. A dog’s owner is responsible for the dog’s actions even had no prior knowledge or expectation that the dog might bite. In Washington, the following liability laws apply to all dog owners:

  • The owner is responsible for their dog’s actions regardless of the dog’s history
  • The dog’s owner is liable for damages whether the dog bites someone on public property, private property or in their own home.
  • The owner also bears liability for damages to other dogs and pets bitten by their dog
  • The dog’s owner is only exempt from liability if the bite victim was trespassing, purposely provoked the dog, or the dog was a police dog who bit in the line of duty

Proving liability in dog bite cases means showing that the owner had a duty to protect others from the possibility of their dog biting, that they breached that duty, and that you or your loved one sustained physical and economic damages due to the attack.

What Damages Could I Recover in a Dog Bite Case in Washington?

Dog bites cause a variety of serious injuries, including puncture wounds, lacerations, and damage to muscles and tendons. They also often leave extensive scars that may require corrective surgery. Serious dog attacks leave victims with expensive medical costs and time away from work for recovery. Dog bites are also emotionally traumatizing. A successful claim against a dog owner could help you recover damages such as the following:

  • Medical expenses related to the bite injuries
  • Future medical expenses if you require corrective surgery to minimize disfigurement and scarring
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Anguish, emotional trauma, and disfigurement compensation

No amount of monetary compensation can make up for the terror and pain of a dog attack, but a settlement or court award can make the best medical treatment possible and alleviate financial worries while you recover.

Why Choose Us for Your Renton Dog Bite Lawyers?

At Caffee Law, we have the experience and strong local resources it takes to investigate the circumstances of the dog attack, consult with medical experts about your injuries to determine the total amount in damages you’re likely to experience, and craft the most compelling case for owner liability so the dog owner must pay for your damages, typically from their liability insurance.

Call or contact our legal team to discuss your Renton dog bite case during a free evaluation. Reaching out today is an important first step toward recovery.