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The death of a loved one always seems to come too soon and frequently leaves long-lasting emotional scars from the vacancy left behind. In some cases, misconduct or negligence of another may rob you of a close family member. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you may be able to file suit against the responsible party for wrongful death. With the help of our Kent wrongful death lawyers, you can gain compensation for lost wages, funeral expenses, and lost companionship.

Each year our Kent wrongful death attorneys help recover millions of dollars for our clients. We know money won’t solve everything, but it can help you to start to put the pieces of your life back together. If you need help, contact Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers right away to discuss your options at (206) 312-0954 or by fill out our online contact form.

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim can occur as a result of various situations, including the following:

  • When the Perpetrator Intentionally Kills the Victim – A defendant can be tried criminally for this, but they can also be tried in civil court.
  • Medical Malpractice Resulting in Death- If a doctor misdiagnoses a medical condition or a test, is careless, or creates the wrong treatment plan, a wrongful death action may be possible.
  • Car Accident Fatalities Involving Negligence- Car accidents injuries caused by negligence or under the influence drivers can result in the death of a passerby

Understanding the Four Key Elements of Wrongful Death Cases

To create an effective wrongful death claim, the victim’s family must prove certain elements. To prove wrongful death, you must prove that the victim’s death occurred because the other party was behaving negligently. Showing negligence involves the following:

Duty & Breach of Duty

To successfully gain the compensation you deserve by proving the defendant was negligent, you prove that the defendant had a duty of care to the decedent and they breached that duty.

In a medical malpractice case, this would mean showing that the victim and the doctor had a doctor-patient relationship, and the doctor was negligent in his care. You must establish how there was a duty and how the defendant breached it.


The victim’s family must also prove that the defendant breaching the duty caused the victim’s death. If a doctor is negligent but the decedent passed away for other reasons, you won’t have a successful wrongful death suit. There must be causation.


The victim’s fatality must generate quantifiable damages to create a solid wrongful death case. This usually includes the following:

  • Burial costs
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Loss of potential earnings
  • Loss of inheritance and guidance

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

According to Washington State laws, the following people can file a claim:

  • A parent or legal guardian
  • Spouse
  • A child older than 18, including stepchildren.

If the victim in the wrongful death case didn’t have a spouse or children and their parents are no longer around, other relatives that were financially dependent on the decedent may be able to file a claim.


Who Is Responsible for a Wrongful Death?

In wrongful death cases, you may file a lawsuit against various persons, government agencies, and companies. It varies depending on the circumstances. Some of the options include the following:

  • At-fault drivers or their employers
  • The builder/designer of faulty roadways
  • The manufacturer or distributor of dangerous parts
  • A doctor who caused your loved one’s death

Damages in Wrongful Death Cases

If you are successful in your wrongful death claim, you may be able to recover the following types of damages:

  • Medical costs that the victim’s family had to pay before death
  • The deceased person’s pain and suffering before the fatality
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of inheritance or expected income
  • Loss of nurturing, care, love, and companionship

Our Kent Wrongful Death Lawyers Can Help | Contact Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers

If your loved one dies after an injury that occurred as a result of another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to file a wrongful death suit. Remember that the credibility and quality of the evidence matters more than the quantity. For this reason, you must hire a skilled and experienced Kent wrongful death lawyer.

When you hire Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers, you’re hiring a team of legal professionals that care about your case as if they were dealing with the loss of their own loved one. We will do our absolute best to build a case that meets the burden of proof and gains your deserved compensation.

Contact Caffee Accident & Injury Lawyers right away to set up a free consultation by calling us at (206) 312-0954 or by filling out our online contact form.