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Burien, Washington – Driver Injured After Car Crashes into Pole

Posted August 8, 2019
Burien, Washington (August 6, 2019) - A woman sustained injuries after her car crashed into a pole at the 13800 block of Des Moines Memorial Drive South on Tuesday. Medics performed CPR on the scene to revive the victim, and transported her to hospital. No word has been given regarding her current condition. The accident...
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Burien, Washington – Brush Fire Breaks Out Near SR 509, Threatens Homes

Posted July 29, 2019
Burien, Washington (July 27, 2019) - A brush fire broke out near State Route 509 on Saturday evening. While the fire came dangerously close to homes in the area, firefighters were able to contain and put out the flames. Fortunately no injuries were reported in the incident. One of the known locations of the fire...
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Burien, Washington – One Person Killed in Fire, Thirteen People Displaced

Posted July 8, 2019
Burien, Washington (July 4, 2019) - One person was killed in a two-alarm fire which affected two homes on the 10200 block of 10th Avenue South on Thursday night. The victim, identified as Roland Kennedy, died of smoke inhalation. Thirteen people were said to have been displaced due to the fire. No injuries were reported...
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Burien, Washington – House on Fire at 8th Avenue South

Posted June 24, 2019
Burien, Washington (June 23, 2019) - A house on the 14200 block of 8th Avenue South sustained heavy damage in a fire that broke out on Sunday morning. Fortunately, all occupants were able to safely escape the building, and no injuries were reported among the responding firefighters. Damages to the house were estimated at $100,000....
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Burien, Washington – Brush Fire on 1st Ave South

Posted May 16, 2019
Burien, Washington (May 8, 2019) - A brush fire was reported to have happened on Wednesday at 1st Avenue South, between South 168th Street and South 170th Street. No one was reported to have been injured in the incident, but a tree in the vicinity caught on fire. The fire most likely started at...
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Burien, Washington – Semi-Truck Collision at SR 99

Posted April 30, 2019
Burien, Washington (April 29, 2019) - A collision involving a semi-truck was reported on the State Route 99 at 14th Avenue South around 4 p.m. The truck appears to have crashed into the cable barrier on the highway. It is unclear if other vehicles were involved. There have been no reported injuries from the...
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Burien, Washington – Three Cars Involved in Collision

Posted April 26, 2019
Burien, Washington (April 25, 2019) - A stole car caused an accident when it crashed into two other vehicles at the 13600 block of 8th Avenue South on Thursday night. According to police, the people in the other vehicles had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, but the extent of their injuries has...
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