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2 killed, 4 injured when car crashes into Wenatchee barbershop

Posted February 17, 2021
WENATCHEE, WA - Two people were killed and four others were injured, one critically, when a vehicle collided with a barbershop last week. NCW Life reports that incident happened at Chelan Avenue and Second Street sometime last week. An unidentified motorist suffered a medical episode, crashing his car into another vehicle and then  caroming...
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Semi-truck collides with Mazda on State Route 2 near Wenatchee

Posted December 1, 2020
WENATCHEE, WA – A semi-truck rear-ended a Mazda on State Route 2 at milepost 117 on Tuesday morning, but there were no injuries to those involved. #Update - Eastbound traffic had slowed for tire debris (from a different commercial vehicle) in the roadway when the Mazda was struck by the semi. Also, the location...
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Wenatchee, Washington – Rollover Crash Blocks Odabashian Bridge

Posted April 22, 2020
Wenatchee, Washington (April 21, 2020) - A pickup truck with a trailer carrying three cows went over the guardrail in a rollover crash at Odabashian Bridge on Tuesday morning. According to the article from 560 KPQ Radio News,  the occupants of the truck were extricated and no major injuries were reported. The trailer did not...
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Wenatchee, Washington – Woman Bitten by Dog at Leavenworth Place

Posted March 15, 2020
Wenatchee, Washington (March 12, 2020) - A woman was bitten by a dog at Leavenworth Place on Thursday. According to the article from 560 KPQ News Radio, the woman was walking in the area when she came upon a Caucasian man with two pit bulls. She asked permission to pet the dogs and was bitten...
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Wenatchee, Washington – Brush Fire on Boodry Street

Posted March 3, 2020
Wenatchee, Washington (February 28, 2020) - An illegal burn turned into a brush fire on the 10 block of Boodry Street on Friday morning. According to the article from 560 KPQ News, the fire affected an area of a quarter acre, but no injuries were reported in the incident. A wind blew embers into the...
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East Wenatchee, Washington – Fire Destroys Shed and Motor Home at Badger Mountain Road

Posted February 10, 2020
East Wenatchee, Washington (February 6, 2020) - A fire destroyed a shed and a motor home on Badger Mountain Road near Falcon Ridge Road on early Thursday morning. According to the report from 560 KPQ News Radio, both areas were unoccupied at the time of the fire and there were no injuries in the incident....
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Wenatchee, Washington – Woman Hospitalized After Falling Down Embankment

Posted February 5, 2020
Wenatchee, Washington (January 30, 2020) - A woman was injured after falling down an embankment at Squilchuck Road on Thursday afternoon. According to the report from 560KPQ News Radio, the victim was knocked unconscious by the fall and had to be intubated by medical personnel. She was later transported to Central Washington Hospital. The cause...
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