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Yakima, Washington – Car Drove into Building

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Posted on April 29, 2019

Yakima, Washington (April 26, 2019) – A car being driven by Yakima mayor Kathy Coffey crashed into a Rite-Aid building on North 9th Avenue around 10 a.m. last Friday. Fortunately, no one was injured as the crash site was not open to customers. The cause of the accident seems to have been Mayor Coffey’s foot slipping off the brake pedal while parking, and in the process stepped on the gas pedal instead. The car reportedly went over the curb and crashed into the building, stopping at about 40 feet into the building when the car struck a support column. No tickets were issued and it appears the case will be a civil matter between Coffey and Rite-Aid.

About Vehicle Accidents

From data gathered on car crashes into buildings, the cause was usually operator error or pedal error. For operator errors, drivers usually accelerated or were at high speeds, or were in the wrong gear. Pedal errors similar to the situation in this case, means that drivers stepped on the gas when they meant to step on the brake. Other, smaller factors for crashing into buildings are situation-based, such as driving under influence, traffic accidents, weather conditions or medical emergencies. A very small percentage are for people who intentionally ram buildings to commit theft. From these causes, lack of control is a common feature.

Because of the crash site, the threat of injuries applies not only to the occupants of the car but also people inside the building. Damage can also be done to either the car or the struck building. As always, we urge everyone to drive with caution and practice safe driving wherever you go. Doing so minimizes damage and injuries you can inflict not only on yourself, but on others as well. If you have however become a victim of a vehicle accident of any sort, we extend our sympathies and compassion.