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Wenatchee, Washington – Pedestrian Injured After Getting Struck by Vehicle on Orondo Avenue

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Posted on January 27, 2020

Wenatchee, Washington (January 23, 2020) – A pedestrian was injured after getting struck a car on Orondo Avenue on Thursday night. According to the report from 560KPQ News Radio, the male pedestrian was transported with leg injuries and a possible head injury. His condition was unclear at the time of the report. The driver did not appear to be injured in the incident and was reported to have given a statement to law enforcement. It has not yet been determined if the pedestrian was in crosswalk when the incident occurred. The collision caused Orondo Avenue between the County building and Plaza Super Jet to be temporarily closed.

About Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, as shown in this case, pedestrians are at also risk while on the streets, with the National Center for Health Statistics estimating 7, 450  pedestrian deaths in 2017. Pedestrian accidents can fall under traffic or non-traffic depending on the location where they were struck. Traffic incidents happen on public roads, while non-traffic incidents occur on non-traffic areas such as driveways, parking lots and other private property. Most pedestrian deaths occur in urban settings, on urban roads (72%) versus on intersections (18%), and mostly at night. Much like motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents can happen simply because people are not as visible as other vehicles, a problem which is worse during night. And in an event of a car crash, similar to motorcycle drivers and passengers, the risk to pedestrians are greater than those inside a car, with fatality rate being 1.5 times greater than any car passenger.When it comes to risk, older adults, children, and alcohol-impaired drivers or pedestrians are at most risk in pedestrian accidents. The risk is further heightened in a situation where a vehicle is at high speed. Lately, distractions also cause accidents not only for drivers, but also pedestrians, specifically those who are using their phones while crossing the road. We urge everyone to exercise area awareness at all times and to keep their attention on the road. Avoiding accidents not only prevents loss, damage, injuries and death to one’s self, but also on other people in the surroundings.