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Two people injured in hit-and-run crash in Bonney Lake

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Posted on May 26, 2021

BONNEY LAKE, WA — Two people were hurt in a hit-and-run crash along State Route 410 in Bonney Lake on Tuesday, according to KOMO News.

Troopers and medics arrived around 10:35 a.m. at an area just east of Myers Road East.

A wrecked vehicle was discovered at the scene along with its two occupants, who were rushed to the hospital for treatment, according to Trooper Robert Reyer with the State Patrol.

A power pole was also downed and leaning over the highway as a result of the crash.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the victims’ car had been traveling west on SR 410 in front of a second vehicle when the driver of the front vehicle slammed on their brakes. The driver of the second vehicle responded by swerving in front of the first vehicle and slamming on their brakes in turn. The driver of the first vehicle braked hard to avoid a collision, causing the brakes to lock and the vehicle to swerve off the roadway into the power pole.

The second vehicle left the scene before police arrived. Its driver has not been found.