Tukwila, Washington - Two People Injured After Power Pole Falls on Car
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Tukwila, Washington – Two People Injured After Power Pole Falls on Car

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Posted on April 8, 2019

Tukwila, Washington (April 5, 2019) – Two people sustained minor injuries after a power pole crashed into their car. One person had superficial injuries, with the other having non-life threatening injuries. They were both taken to Harborview Medical Center, but they were able to come out of the accident in satisfactory condition. According to one report, the power pole split the SUV in half. Due to the fact that the power lines were hot, it took responding fire crews more than an hour to get the couple out of the car.

Aside from this pole, an overall number of 22 poles also fell on East Marginal Way South, covering more than a mile of the roadway as well as knocking out power to more than 16, 000 customers in South Seattle, Tukwila, Burien, and White Center. The cause of the incident is being investigated.

About Vehicle Accidents

We give our sympathies to the victims of this case, along with the thousands of people affected by the incident. It is very fortunate that only minor injuries were recorded from an accident of such a big scale. Normal vehicle accidents can be quite dangerous already, and despite the variety of ways car crashes can happen, they can all involve injuries as severe as head and spinal injuries.  Another danger present in this case was the threat of live power lines, which often leads to fatal injuries for anyone who comes in contact with them. As the situation seems to have been a freak accident, no one on the street was the cause for an accident the way most other street accidents turn out.

In light of this incident, we urge everyone to do their part to make our roadways as safe as can be. From the builders of the road to the pedestrians that cross it, we all have regulations to follow in public. In following these regulations, we ensure not only our own safety, but the safety of those around us.