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Seattle, Washington – One Injured in Car Crash

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Posted on March 27, 2019

Seattle, Washington (March 14, 2019) – One person was injured and sent to the hospital in a private ambulance after a car crash at 30th Avenue Southwest, just south of Southwest Holden Street. The details of the crash were not given, but the driver of the car hit the pole of the streetlight. Along with the streetlight, a power line snapped and fell down to the street, closing the way while the power line was being cleared away. No other details on the driver or the victim have been given.

About Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle damage to residential areas are often accidentally inflicted by the owners themselves, thus making these incidents unreported. Data for cars which have crashed into residential buildings then is considerably more incomplete than cars which have crashed into other types of buildings, such as stores. But from data gathered from car crashes into buildings, the cause was usually operator error or pedal error. For operator errors, drivers usually accelerated or were at high speeds, or were driving in the wrong gear. For pedal errors, it meant that drivers stepped on the gas when they meant to step on the brake. Other, smaller factors are situation-based, such as driving under influence, traffic accidents, weather conditions or medical emergencies. A very small percentage are for people who intentionally ram buildings to commit theft. From these causes, lack of control is a common feature.

As always, we urge everyone to drive with caution and practice safe driving wherever you go. Doing so minimizes damage and injuries you can inflict not only on yourself, but on others as well. If you have however become a victim of a vehicle accident of any sort, we extend our sympathies and compassion.