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Seattle, Washington – Demolished Wall Falls on Cars in Capitol Hill

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Posted on May 7, 2019

Seattle, Washington (May 6, 2019) – A wall being demolished on 10th Avenue and East Union Street fell and damaged several parked cars in the area. No one has been reported to be injured in the incident, through witnesses recount one man escaping the collapse as it happened.

According to one of the owners of the damaged cars, the low-rise wall of the 100 year-old garage had a sign that it was going to be demolished on May 7, but it would appear that the demolition was performed a day earlier. Additionally, there were also reports that there were no “No Parking” signs in the area, and that the street was full of parked cars. The garage is being leveled to make way for the construction of an apartment building.

About Vehicle Accidents

It is fortunate that no one was injured in this particular incident. While constructions sites have strict policies for safety, it does not always prevent an accident, as seen in this case. Accidents that involve objects falling on the victim result in what is called “crush” injuries. According to the Arrive Alive website, crush injuries can occur in any car accident, falls or a situation where a structure is collapsing. Even minor crush injuries can involve a lot of pain and discomfort – such injuries include bruising, lacerations, and sprained ankles. Major crush injuries involve parts of the body below the skin, and usually involve blunt force. Major crush injuries include head fractures, facial trauma, severe lacerations and blunt force chest-and-abdominal trauma, among others. Additionally, because of the events which lead up to crush injuries, victims will often require extrication or some kind of rescue to get them out of the dangerous situation.

While it is true accidents can happen, we urge everyone to do their part to ensure safety in their surroundings. Avoid construction areas if possible, and be cautious if it is necessary. For their part, construction crews should adhere to safety guidelines and make sure that any equipment they use will not become a hazard for anyone else.