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SeaTac, Washington – Car Crashed when Driver Suffered Heart Attack

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Posted on March 27, 2019

SeaTac, Washington (March 23, 2019)  – A car crashed into a telephone pole in SeaTac, where responding officers found the driver unconscious from suffering a massive heart attack. The deputies started resuscitating the man, with Puget Sound Fire and medic personnel taking over the life-saving efforts once they arrived. The efforts were successful and stabilized the driver, saving his life.

The King County’s Sheriff Department deputies responded to the single-car crash and found the car crashed into a telephone pole. The driver was initially breathing and making noises, but by the time a second deputy had arrived he had ceased making sounds and lost his pulse. The two deputies removed the man from the car into a spot off the roadway before resuscitating him. Deputy Bartolo performed chest compressions while Deputy Mulligan retrieved his bag valve mask to provide ventilation. For their actions, they were nominated for a King County Sheriff’s Office lifesaver award.

About Vehicle Accidents

We commend the deputies for their timely intervention, and extend our compassion and sympathies for any victims of similar accidents. Car accidents have a variety of causes ranging from driver error to road conditions, and it also includes chronic medical conditions. Chronic medical conditions include epilepsy, diabetes, alcoholism and heart diseases. While alcohol ingestion is related to many cases of car accidents, the other named conditions contribute to a fairly small amount of car accidents, estimated to be around five to ten percent in an early study. Liability in such cases are tricky to negotiate, especially as some drivers would not know about such conditions before the accident. In any case, all drivers should make sure they are in good health and not impeded by any health condition that can affect judgement so as to be safe in the streets. Caution will help avoid the risk of damage, loss, injuries and death not only to the driver, but to other people on the streets as well.


Note: The exact location of the crash has not been provided.