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Rock Island, Washington – Brush Fire Prompts Evacuation Notices

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Posted on October 29, 2019

Rock Island, Washington (October 28, 2019) – A brush fire developing in the area between Rock Island and East Wenatchee is believed to be at an area of 15 acres and has prompted evacuation notices in several areas. Level 1 evacuation notices were issued in the areas from Woodstone Lane to South Van Sickle Avenue, and Rock Island Road to Batterman Road. Fortunately no injuries have been reported in the incident and no structures were reported reported to have been damaged at the time of writing.

The fire is believed to have started around 6 p.m. on Monday evening near the intersection of Wells Street and 8th Street Southeast in East Wenatchee. Multiple fire crews responded to the incident, with crews from the Douglas County Fire Districts 2 and 4, Chelan County Fire Districts 1 and 6, and the Cashmere Fire Department. The brush fire is also causing smaller fires due to small embers being carried by high winds. The cause of the fire has not yet been reported. Update: The fire is reported to have been extinguished as of October 29.

About Fire

Washington counts as the 5th state most prone to wildfire from 2017 wildfire risk analysis, and ranks 8th in a 2018 study by number of fires that happened. The US Fire Administration has recorded 15 home fire fatalities this year within Washington, showing the destruction fire is capable of doing. Even within city areas, one must be wary of fires that can happen near residential areas.

If your home is near an area with risk of brush fire, there are few safety reminders to keep in mind. Homeowners are urged to complete their spring cleaning, and to create a defensible space around the home by clearing trees and brush. Additionally, the limbs of trees should be cut to at least 15 feet off the ground. Any object that send out fires should be handled with absolute care. Common objects such as lit matches and cigarette butts can also easily cause a fire within dry brush. Should fire be used in an outdoor space, one must assess the surroundings to make sure fire would not have a possibility to spread out. While the fire is burning, it is imperative that it must be attended to and ensure that the blaze does not go out of control. Finally, before leaving an area where fire was used, one must ensure that any fires must be extinguished completely. Preventing brush fires from happening is everyone’s responsibility, and careful use of fire can ensure the safety of not only one’s self, but hundreds of others.