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Renton, Washington – Three-Car Collision Results in Pileup

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Posted on April 1, 2019

Renton, Washington (March 31, 2019) – Traffic slowing down on northbound State Route 167 led to a three-car collision near South 180th Street in Renton on Sunday. No injuries were reported from the accident.

The first car involved in the accident suddenly put on its brakes, causing the following vehicle to rear-end the lead car. The third vehicle then rear-ended the second vehicle, with the third vehicle sliding under the second vehicle up to the front set of wheels.

About Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents are common and may happen more frequently than you think. In 2017, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)  have reported a total of 120, 993 car accidents. Of those accidents, 525 were fatal ad 34, 311 were possible or suspected of injuries. This particular accident is a case of rear-end collision, also said to be the most common type of car accident. Like many other vehicle accidents, rear-end collisions often happen because of lapse of attention, usually when one vehicle follows another too closely. Injuries associated with rear-end collisions are whiplash, because the impact usually jerks the upper body forward. Other injuries include broken bones, head and spinal injuries, as well as wrist fractures.

Multiple vehicle collisions, also called pileups, are among the most dangerous types of crash situations. In this particular accident, three cars are reported to be involved, but pileups have been known to involve up to hundreds of vehicles at once and cause many types of injuries as well as fatalities. The most common cause for pileups seem to be bad weather which either obscure the vision of drivers or cause slippery roads, such as fog, heavy rain and snowstorms. As always, we urge all drivers to be wary while behind the wheel, especially in heavy traffic or unfavorable weather conditions. A single moment of carelessness can lead to an accident with dreadful consequences.