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Puyallup, Washington – Driver Injured After Swerving into Ditch

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Posted on April 12, 2019

Puyallup, Washington (April, 2019) – A male driver sustained minor injuries after his car crashed in a ditch in the area of 1500 block of Shaw Road East. He was transported to a local hospital for treatment. According to a report from the Puyallup Police Department, he was driving on his way to work when he swerved to avoid a deer, which ended up with his car crashing into the ditch. Once inside the ditch, the driver was pinned  inside the vehicle with water partially filling the interior.

The date of the incident has not been specified, but it was reported among other to have occurred in the days April 5-9.

About Vehicle Accidents

Because roads can cross so many types of environments, an encounter with wildlife is very possible, especially in rural areas. Animals can move very fast and come bursting out onto the road in an unpredictable manner, and as a result a car crash is a very common outcome out of unplanned encounters. Depending on the animal that the vehicle comes in contact with, the amount of damage done can be very high, not to say of the injuries that can come out of a car crash. Deer are common culprits for wildlife collisions, and because of their relatively big sizes, they can cause considerable impact.

The driver in this case was fortunate not to have hit the deer, though his car car crash led to another dangerous situation. As covered in another article, water can easily flood the interior of cars, and when this happens it is best to exit the car as soon as possible. As proven by this case, a car crash opens up many risks for injuries. Because of this, we would like to urge people to be more careful on the roads, especially on roads that are known to intersect with the territory of wildlife.