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Monroe, Washington – Nineteen People Displaced by Apartment Fire

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Posted on April 4, 2019

Monroe, Washington (April 2, 2019) – An apartment fire affected eight units in block 14600 of 179th Avenue Southeast. Multiple units from different agencies were sent as a response to the fire. Fortunately, no one was inside the apartments when the fire happened. The only injury reported was a cat the firefighters rescued, who was given oxygen and taken to a local veterinarian. The fire left nineteen people displaced, and the American Red Cross is currently assisting their families.

The cause of the fire has not been provided yet, but the it is said to have started in the kitchen of one of the units in the apartment.

About Fires

The US Fire Administration has recorded 15 home fire fatalities this year within Washington.  Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association have recorded that cooking equipment were the leading cause of home structure fires, home fire injuries, as well as being the second leading case of home fire deaths. Unattended cooking, like the one in this case, is the leading cause of cooking fires and casualties.  These types of fires can be prevented with simple steps and by always using caution when cooking. Flammable liquids and other volatile materials should not be placed near the open fires of cooking equipment. Additionally, it is recommended that any flammable materials should be stored somewhere that is not exposed to heat. Like all other machinery, cooking equipment should be regularly checked and made to undergo maintenance to ensure the safety of anyone using it.

Other risks related to home fire have also been listed by the NFPA. According to the statistics, households that used electrical ranges were said to be at a higher risk for fires and losses compared to households that used gas ranges. While clothing being the first item to be ignited happened in less than 1  percent of cooking fires, it must be noted that clothing ignitions accounted for 15 percent of deaths in these types of fires, which should present the hazards of your clothes catching on fire. Lastly, more than half of non-fatal injuries happened when people tried to control the fire by themselves. There are many dangers associated with fire, and we urge everyone to always stay safe during these types of accidents.