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Mason County, Washington – Bus Driver Injured After Unsecured Ladder Breaks Windshield of School Bus

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Posted on September 18, 2019

Mason County, Washington (September 18, 2019) – An unsecured ladder fell off a pickup truck, crashing into the windshield of a school bus on Wednesday morning. The driver was injured by the glass shards from the partly shattered front windshield of the vehicle. Fortunately, no students were on the bus when the accident happened.

According to the report, the ladder had been improperly secured, causing it to come loose. Apart from shattering the windshield of the bus, a rung from the ladder also broke off and crashed into a side window. No road closures were announced in relation to the accident.

About Vehicle Accidents

Windshields are important to the structure of the car itself, and any damage done to them should not be overlooked. Windshields provide structural integrity to the rest of the car, and also provides the backing for air bags as they deploy.   While these particular parts of the car are manufactured to withstand impact, they can still be damaged. Strong impact, such as in this case, is one common cause. Take note that a windshield which has cracked will be more susceptible to shattering entirely, so owners are advised to repair or replace broken windshields as soon as damage is done.

Any damage done to a windshield will compromise their safety features. For example, in case of an accident a broken windshield won’t be able to keep the roof from caving in. The shattered glass from a broken windshield can also inflict dangerous injuries. Lastly, in addition to seat belts windshields also help prevent occupants from being ejected from a car in case of a crash. With these reminders in mind, we ask people to never underestimate the dangers of a broken windshield.


Note: The location of the incident has not been specified.