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Lynnwood, Washington – Motorcylist Injured In Crash After Police Chase

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Posted on June 24, 2019

Lynnwood, Washington (June 21, 2019) – A motorcyclist suffered a broken arm after crashing at Interstate 5 on Friday morning. This was after a police terminated pursuit attempts along Interstate 5 as the motorcycle driver continued on dangerous speeds. It would appear that the only vehicle involved in the crash was the motorcyclist’s. There were no other injuries reported in the incident.

The chase started around 10:25 a.m. when a trooper noticed a motorcycle driver speeding on northbound Interstate 5. While the trooper attempted chase, they had to stop near 164th Street due to dangerous levels of speed. However, another trooper found the speeding driver crashed about a mile to the north.

About Motorcycle Accidents

While this accident involved a police chase, it is important to note that accidents of common causes can result in injuries just as bad as a broken arm. Because of a motorcycle’s open nature, the risks of injuries are greater to a person on a motorcycle than a person in a car. Head injuries are common in motorcycle accidents of all kinds, as are limb injuries. Much like any other vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents can easily come out of lapse of attention and careless maneuvers.  It is important to always observe proper driving and consideration for other vehicles, something which all motorcycle drivers should keep in mind as 3/4 of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. This is most likely due to a motorcycle’s overall visibility being less than most other vehicles, which means drivers of other vehicles tend not to see motorcycles in time.  This visibility problem makes motorcycle rides at night especially risky. Additionally, the stationary objects most often struck off-road are trees, utility poles, and traffic barriers, and driving in poor visibility conditions such as nighttime and unfavorable weather can increase the risks of collision with one of the objects mentioned above.

While motorcycles are a much-depended means of transportation, drivers should consider factors such as speed, number of other vehicles on the road, the road conditions and weather to ensure their safety while out and about. Be especially cautious when driving at night, as with any other vehicle. Any mistakes in judgement can lead to accidents, injuries and damage not only to your person, but on other people as well.