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Grandview, Washington – Car Falls Into Canal Near North County Line Road

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Posted on August 28, 2019

Grandview, Washington (August 26, 2019) – An SUV was discovered to have fallen into the waters of Grandview Canal on Monday afternoon. Responders from Dive and Rescue have confirmed that no one was inside the vehicle. No injuries have been reported in the incident.

The car was found near the intersection of Olsen Road and North County Line Road. According to an official’s statement on the scene, the car appeared to be a stolen vehicle that had been dumped. Investigation is ongoing, but the submerged vehicle was reported to have been towed out.

About Car Accidents

It is fortunate that no injuries were involved in this accident. While there appear to be few statistics and study related to injuries and/or fatalities involved with vehicle drowning, it is very clear that a car falling into water is a serious situation. When the car falls into water, the amount of water that comes inside the vehicle depends on the rate that the vehicle entered the water. When a car gently slips into water for example, water gets inside slower, but a more forceful crash can easily push the water inside the vehicle and displace the air within. This is because a car is not completely sealed in, and after being submerged it will only be matter of minutes until the vehicle’s interior is flooded. If the windows haven’t been broken by the impact, the water pressure outside the vehicle will make opening any doors or windows more difficult. In any case, the priority in this situation would be to get out as soon as possible, and it has been recommended that anyone trapped inside a submerged vehicle should try to open an exit.

While it pays to keep in mind the steps necessary to take in such a situation, the best way to handle an accident is to try and prevent it. Make sure to drive carefully on roads that are near bodies of water, and to be aware of other drivers on such roads. By following traffic regulations, we can easily help to avoid accidents that can result in injuries, loss or damage to us and the people around us.