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Gig Harbor, Washington – A Man and A Dog That Fell Down Well Rescued by Fire Crews

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Posted on June 2, 2019

Gig Harbor, Washington (May 2019) – A dog and a man fell into a well 15-20 feet below the ground and needed rescue last weekend. Both were later rescued by Gig Harbor Fire crews and were evaluated by medics. Fortunately, they appeared to have not sustained any injuries from the incident.

The incident started when the dog fell through the rotted plywood covering the well. The owner, the adult male, roped himself off and went into the well to rescue the dog. Once he reached the dog however, he found that he couldn’t touch the bottom and was also unable to climb back up the rope. His family called 911 for help. Fire crews lowered a ladder into the well to help the man, and a firefighter later rappelled inside to secure a harness around the dog, who was then pulled to safety.

The exact date of the incident has not been provided, but it was said to have occurred over Memorial Day weekend.

About Falls and Related Injuries

According to the World Health Organization, falling down is the 2nd leading cause for accidental or unintentional deaths. This is second only to road traffic injuries as the leading cause of unintentional injury death. While most cases of falls are non-fatal, as seen in this case, it can still be cause for concern due to the injuries related with falls. An approximate amount of 37.3 million falls are said to require medical attention every year. Injuries may not always be serious, but have the potential to be life-threatening or disabling – examples of injures with long-term effects are broken bones (commonly fractures in the hip or wrist) or head injuries, as falls are the leading cause for traumatic brain injuries.

While falls are a matter of concern for all people, there are some factors which can make falls more risky for some. Age is one of these factors – particularly, the elderly and children are said to be at most risk in falls. Adults over the age of 65 are said to suffer the most number of fatal falls. Furthermore, adult victims may be more susceptible to future falls once they have sustained injuries from another fall. Children are at risk due to having developing bodies, and innate curiosity to explore. Factors such as environment, occupation, alcohol or substance use, and other medical conditions can also affect the risk of falls. As such, we urge everyone to do what they can to help prevent falls. Be sure to look out for hazards in the area which may lead to a fall. Keeping the body healthy is also a good way to help prevent falls, as a healthy body will have far more coordination and be ready to respond to a fall should it happen. There are many ways to ensure our safety, and preventing falls is one of them.


Note: The exact location of the incident has not been specified.