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Everett, Washington – One Person Injured in Train-Luggage Truck Collision

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Posted on December 29, 2019

Everett, Washington (December 28, 2019) – A Sounder train truck a luggage truck at the tracks of the city’s station, causing one Amtrak employee to be injured. The employee was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. No other injuries were reported in the incident.

According to the report from KIRO7, the accident happened before 6 p.m. A baggage cart being towed by a golf cart was being driven over the tracks when a train approached. While the train attempted to stop, the collision could not be prevented and both vehicles were reported to have flipped. The incident also caused north line trains to be delayed.

About Train Accidents

While train accidents can be deadly, they are among the safest forms of transportation, with a fatality rate much lower than car or motorcycle accidents. Derailments, which can lead to many train-related accidents, are said to be common but are most likely harmless, with trains only causing damage or injuries if the derailment causes the train to crash into a structure or another train. However, while riding the train is relatively safe, a collision with one is likely to be deadly. This is because trains can weigh over millions of pounds. According to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, the average freight train consisting of 100 cars can weigh from 12 million to twenty million pounds – this weight combined with the speed of a train can cause great impact. Additionally, this weight also delays the effect of an emergency brake, which may need distance of over a mile to fully halt a train. Because of this, it is important to always remain alert near railroads.

While trains have many safety features, it is everyone’s responsibility to be safe around tracks. Keeping in mind that trains cannot swerve nor quickly stop, so pedestrians and drivers alike must take care to keep off tracks when a rain is approaching. Never underestimate the speed of an oncoming train, which may look like it’s approaching slowly due to optical illusions. Lastly, one must always watch out for the presence of a second train. By keeping alert and following regulations, we can help avoid train accidents from happening.