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Duvall, Washington – Two Small Fires Set Off Using Fireworks

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Posted on April 1, 2019

Duvall, Washington (March 31, 2019) – Two small fires were reported near the intersection of Kelly Road and Northeast 127th Street in Carnation, and just off the 322nd Avenue Northeast in Duvall. The first fire happened near the intersection around 2 p.m, with the second fire being reported 40 minutes later. According to investigators, both fires were intentionally set off using fireworks. No one was injured in the incidents and the fires were quickly put out.

Investigation is ongoing if the two fires are connected. In both cases, witnesses saw someone throw a firework out of a car, igniting the brush. The dry weather has sparked multiple cases of brush fires across the state, though the start of summer is still a few months away.

About Fire

Washington counts as the 5th state most prone to wildfire from 2017 wildfire risk analysis, and ranks 8th in a 2018 study by number of fires that happened. The US Fire Administration has recorded 15 home fire fatalities this year within Washington, showing the destruction fire is capable of doing. Everyone should exercise caution, especially with the unusually warm temperatures that the region has been seeing lately. A lot of brush fires happen near homes, and left unchecked, fire can easily spread to any structure.

A speaker from the Eastside Fire and Rescue has mentioned a few reminders on fire safety in the wake of this incident. Homeowners are urged to complete their spring cleaning, and to create a defensible space around the home by clearing trees and brush. Additionally, the limbs of trees should be cut to at least 15 feet off the ground. As seen in this incident, materials that send out fires should be handled with absolute care. Common objects such as lit matches and cigarette butts can also easily cause a fire within dry brush. Preventing brush fires from happening is everyone’s responsibility, and careful use of fire can ensure the safety of not only one’s self, but hundreds of others.