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Bremerton, Washington – Stolen Truck Rear-Ended Parked Sedan

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Posted on May 16, 2019

Bremerton, Washington (May 5, 2019) – A truck stolen from Silverdale Elementary School crashed into a sedan parked on the corner of Northwest Eldorado Boulevard after a police chase. The suspect driver, who has been detained, allegedly told officers he had taken drugs before the incident. He was taken to Harriso Medical Center to be medically cleared before being jailed.

According to documents of probable cause, the incident started when deputies noticed the truck in the parking lot of the school. When deputies entered their vehicle to make contact, the truck sped towards the deputies before swerving away at the last moment. The deputies chased the truck along Dickey Road Northwest, which continued into NW Eldorado Boulevard. When the truck crashed into the sedan, officers pinned the stolen truck so it couldn’t escape. As the driver refused to take his foot off the gas and kept attempting to reverse, the deputies were forced to unlock the door and detain the suspect. He was transported to Kitsap County Jail.

About Vehicle Accidents

In 2017, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)  have reported a total of 120, 993 car accidents. Of those accidents, 525 were fatal and 34, 311 were possible or suspected of injuries. There are several types of collision that may happen, such as side collision, rollover collision, and head-on collision. Of the types of car accidents, head-on collisions are considered the most dangerous due to the circumstances – two cars are heading towards each other, with a great amount of force being experienced by all parties when the impact happens. While only 2% of car accidents are head-on collisions, they account for more than 10% of car-accident related injuries. These injuries are quite dangerous as most of them are head, spine or neck-related, including spinal injuries, brain injuries, paralysis, broken bones, and whiplash. Similarly, victims of side collisions and rollover collisions also suffer may also suffer head and neck injuries, though the risk is lower in these types of collisions. In rollover collisions, the car will come to rest on its side or roof, resulting in a dangerous situation which passengers might need to be extricated from. In side collisions, the greatest risk comes to the passenger on the particular side that received the impact. No matter the type of accident, all crashes are bound to cause a dreadful situation for all involved.

We urge all drivers to be careful while behind the wheel. When in a location where hazards such as poor illumination, rough roads or construction materials are present, be especially cautious. By doing this, we can ensure our safety as well as the safety of others in the nearby area.