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Bonney Lake, Washington – Truck Drove into Car Wash Due to Medical Emergency

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Posted on April 29, 2019

Bonney Lake, Washington (April 27, 2019) – A truck drove into the Pink Elephant Car Wash due to the driver suffering a medical emergency on Saturday morning. He was not reported to have been injured in the accident and is in stable condition. The driver works as an attendant at said car wash and was pulling the truck around when the medical emergency happened. No further details have been provided in the report.

About Vehicle Accidents

From data gathered on car crashes into buildings, the cause was usually operator error or pedal error. For operator errors, drivers usually accelerated or were at high speeds, or were in the wrong gear. For pedal errors, it meant that drivers stepped on the gas when they meant to step on the brake. Other, smaller factors are situation-based, such as driving under influence, traffic accidents, weather conditions, and similar to this case, medical emergencies. Chronic medical conditions include epilepsy, diabetes, alcoholism and heart diseases. While alcohol ingestion is related to many cases of car accidents, the other named conditions contribute to a fairly small amount of car accidents, estimated to be around five to ten percent in an early study. Liability in such cases are tricky to negotiate, especially as some drivers would not know about such conditions before the accident. In any case, all drivers should make sure they are in good health and not impeded by any health condition that can affect judgement so as to be safe in the streets.

As always, we urge everyone to drive with caution and practice safe driving wherever you go. Doing so minimizes damage and injuries you can inflict not only on yourself, but on others as well. If you have however become a victim of a vehicle accident of any sort, we extend our sympathies and compassion.