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Algona, Washington – Woman Sustains Head Injuries After a Fall

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Posted on October 28, 2019

Algona, Washington (October 10, 2019) -The Valley Regional Fire Authority responded to an aid call on Sunday evening where a woman sustained head injuries. According to the report, the patient had fallen, resulting in her injuries. She was later taken by her husband to MultiCare Auburn Medical Center for treatment. No further word has been given regarding her condition. The cause and circumstances of the fall have not been reported.

About Injuries

Head injuries are a major cause of alarm. While these injuries don’t always result in a fatality, the possibility of the brain is being put in danger can cause other ill effects. When the brain is injured, the performance of the whole body can be affected. This can mean that parts of the body are simply weakened, or in other cases can affect speech and cognitive abilities. No matter the intensity, brain injuries can be very debilitating and can cause many inconveniences in everyday life. Traumatic brain injuries in particular can have severe effects on the body. Traumatic brain injuries can include concussions, which are hard blows dealt to the head, and contusions, where bruises form in the brain and may cause bleeding. Depending on where the injury is located, different parts of the body will be affected.

There are a number of accidents which can lead to traumatic brain injuries. Some of the most common causes are motor vehicle accidents, and similar to this case, falls. Victims may suffer physical symptoms such as migraines, seizures, convulsions, or speech/cognitive problems like slurred speech, memory loss, and irritability. However, brain injuries are not always readily apparent. If you have come from an accident which has dealt an injury to your head, do not hesitate to have yourself checked out for brain injuries.


Note: The exact location of the incident has not been reported.