Jeff knows what he’s doing, cares about every client, and works his tail off.  There’s nothing else you can ask for from your attorney.

-Jim O.

Extremely knowledgeable. Very up front and open with options. Always prompt. I would definitely recommend Jeffrey Caffee.

-Sarah T.

I was referred to Jeff’s office from a friend.  Jeff met me in person at the initial consultation and explained everything to me.  His office took care of the entire case and got me a result I was happy with.  I can’t recommend Jeff and his firm enough for anyone that has been injured.

-Stacy J.

Mr. Caffee did an excellent job of representing me in my case.  I was in a car crash and just kept having problems dealing with the other driver’s insurance company.  Mr. Caffee dealt with the insurance company directly.  It saved me a lot of hassle and got me a good resolution to my case.

-Timothy S.

He was very professional and understanding. I needed some hand-holding and Jeff was there every step of the way.

-Lamar W.

Jeffrey did an awesome job and we won the max for our case. Thank you for your hard work!


Jeff is excellent on what he does and cares about me and my well-being. He makes sure that I get what I need and stays on top of his work. He’s not the person who just talks but puts work into it. I’m thankful for him.

-Francisco Avila

Jeff has always been responsive. He has clear answers to all my questions. He’s very down to earth, respectful and sees the human side of the case, not just the legal side. My experience working with him has been 100% positive and I look forward for more in the future.

-Gregory King

Jeff knows what he’s doing and makes me feel I am his priority.

-Andrew Hoschar

Jeff is a go-getter and stays professional. People talked about how bad my case is, but Jeff doesn’t see that and is willing to help me out as much as he can. I know it takes time, but I am happy with him because he supports me.

-Karl Epps

I had an injury involving a car accident. Jeff Caffee did a fantastic job on my case. He worked hard and kept me informed of major developments. He explained things in an easy to understand manner. If I ever needed a lawyer, I would use him again. I recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.


Outstanding! Jeff did an excellent job of representing my interests. Words cannot express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for his hard work on my case. I would recommend him to anyone


Attorney Jeff Caffee was responsive, insightful and explained all of the ins and outs of the issues involving my case. Being fired from my job was extremely troubling for me. Jeff kept me feeling confident and positive throughout. I am impressed with his knowledge, professionalism and overall genuine character. I would highly recommend him to others.


Jeff always took the time to listen to me when others would not. He also took the time to explain the situation and explained the problems with my case even when it was difficult for me to hear.


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