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Bellevue, Washington – Car Crashes Into Sign in Hit and Run

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Posted on June 5, 2019

Bellevue, Washington (May 31, 2019) – A suspect being checked by the police ran into a corporate sign at the 15800 block of Southeast Eastgate Way, and while attempting to flee the scene on foot, had his own car run over his leg. The suspect was later arrested, and there was no information provided on their injuries, but they were not taken to the hospital.

The incident happened in a parking lot, when the officer was checking out the suspect’s plate while they were pulling in. The suspect then crashed into a large corporate sign, and got out of their vehicle to flee. However, as they failed to put their car in park, and it rolled over their leg. He continued fleeing despite this, but was arrested and booked into jail.

About Vehicle Accidents

According to facts from the Insurance Institute Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute, about 20% of vehicle crash deaths are from striking a fixed object along the side of the road. The top three fixed objects that are struck in these cases are traffic barriers, utility poles, and trees. As for the causes of crashing into these objects, the case is generally that of driver error. Some of the top contributing factors are alcohol, driving at excessive speeds, falling asleep or simply driver inattention. Additionally, a car crash caused by another vehicle can cause another vehicle to crash into another fixed object. Some situational factors are road conditions, weather, and poor visibility. In relation to poor visibility, almost half of the fatalities in crashes involving fixed objects are said to have occurred at night. While there are options such as placing breakaway or shielding objects along roads, or increasing the visibility of such fixed objects, the best solution is often to remove the fixed object if possible.

Regardless of the type of vehicle accident, the best way to solve a car accident is to try and prevent it. We urge all drivers to follow traffic regulations on the road. This includes following road safety, making sure one’s vehicle is stable and ready for the road, and making sure that one is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Additionally, one should take extra caution on roads where there are possible hazards. In doing these steps, we can ensure our chances of avoiding any loss, damage, death or injuries while on the street.